1. Expand and Strengthen Donor Base
Aside from being a great way to engage current donors, an exciting raffle campaign is a proven way to attract new donors and revitalize past donor relationships. Often a relationship that starts with a raffle donation turns into a long term donor relationship. Once that first successful raffle campaign is executed, that donor list can be used to grow subsequent campaigns and identify potential larger donors in the future. Additionally, raffle campaigns often encourage volunteers to reach outside their constituency, attracting many new donors.

2. Motivate Volunteers
One of the best kept secrets in fundraising is the benefits of a volunteer-driven campaign. In addition to mailings, emails, phone solicitations and website-driven donations, motivated volunteers can be a great source of income in a campaign. While not always eager to get involved in conventional solicitations, selling tickets for prizes worth $125,000 along with $50,00 in incentive prizes are sure to make volunteers eager to participate.

3. Increase Mailer/Email Open-Rate
Donors who are overwhelmed with solicitations via mail, email and websites need something to prompt them to pay attention to your cause/campaign. A $125,000 offer in a subject line of an email or on an envelope is sure to gain their attention and desire to see more. The increased open-rate will lead to increased donations.

For a low participation fee, organizations are entitled to offer this innovative raffle campaign to their donors.

As a partner The Mega Raffle will:

• Provide you with a turnkey Raffle campaign offering 18 prizes with a total value of $125,000 that can be implemented immediately
• Provide $50,000 in incentive prizes to motivate sellers
• Provide and facilitate delivery of all the prizes
• Share with you our expertise, strategies and raffle marketing ideas that we have learned in our 10 years of running very successful raffle campaigns
• Provide you with graphically elegant, custom designed raffle tickets, fliers, email and webpage
• Provide you with unlimited fundraising support and assistance during the campaign
• Provide all the administration, compliance and legal requirements including official rules and registration
• Pay associated fees to ensure the legality of your raffle in all 50 states

The Mega Raffle has in place the full support of Ventura Associates Inc., which handles all legal and regulatory administration, including; official rules, compliance and registration, verification, prize fulfillment, winners list, 1099-MISC forms, etc...


AH raised $275,000 ML raised $65,000 AM raised $35,000

Once I grasped the concept, it was a no-brainer! With the commitment and dedication to make it happen, Yitzy's raffle campaign secures for us a guaranteed annual cash flow - ...working with Yitzy was a homerun! This turnkey campaign hass provided us with much needed cash flow in these ever-trying times.

-Daniel Muskat, Director of Development, Community & Cultural Center, Chicago IL