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Yitzy Halpern



ZF raised $325,000 DM raised $125,000 EP raised $82,000

Working with Jack Halpern on our raffle campaign was an absolute pleasure. He provided us with a complete turn-key campaign- all we had to do was sell tickets and we sold a lot!! He and his crew gave freely of their time and expertise in helping us to execute a successful campaign. In today's troubled economic times, people tend to respond far better to a raffle offering high value, exciting prizes than to a standard appeal, and Jack Halpern's raffle concept enabled us to successfully utilize this fundraising technique.

- Ilana Sarles, office manager/event coordinator, Jewish Learning Exchange, Los Angeles
NM raised $170,000 RK raised $85,000 MO raised $30,000

Being able to offer high value exciting prizes opened us up to a whole new method of fundraising. Jack Halpern handled all the logistics – all we had to focus on was selling tickets and we exceeded all expectations!! Our volunteers were more motivated than in any other project we've tried involving them in.

-Jack Smith, Center for Troubled Youth, Long Island, NY
AH raised $275,000 ML raised $65,000 AM raised $35,000

Once I grasped the concept, it was a no-brainer! With the commitment and dedication to make it happen, Jack's raffle campaign secures for us a guaranteed annual cash flow - ...working with Jack was a homerun! This turnkey campaign hass provided us with much needed cash flow in these ever-trying times.

-Daniel Muskat, Director of Development, Community & Cultural Center, Chicago IL