• The answer to your fundraising challenge
• Minimize the cost of fundraising
• Offer a mega raffle at a fraction of the cost
• Work with fundraisers who've helped raise millions
• Motivate donors with $125,000 worth of prizes
• Motivate sellers with $50,000 in incentive prizes

The Mega Raffle is proud to offer you an all new revolutionary fundraising campaign, The Joint Raffle. With $125,000 worth of prizes and another $50,000 in incentive prizes for sellers this raffle is the chance of a lifetime. This is in response to the call of multiple Chabad Lubavitch Mosdos throughout the country for help in raising funds through creative and exciting campaigns. A joint Raffle campaign offers you the chance to present $175,000 in prizes at a fraction of the usual cost. In the past few months, the professional fundraisers involved in initiating this campaign have worked with over 50 non-profits around the country resulting in the fundraising of millions of dollars.


NM raised $170,000 RK raised $85,000 MO raised $30,000

Being able to offer high value exciting prizes opened us up to a whole new method of fundraising. Yitzy Halpern handled all the logistics - all we had to focus on was selling tickets and we exceeded all expectations!! Our volunteers were more motivated than in any other project we've tried involving them in.

-Jacob Grossman, Center for Troubled Youth, Long Island, NY

What is a Joint Raffle Campaign?

A joint raffle campaign is a unique type of raffle that enables you to raffle off $125,000 worth of prizes for a tiny fraction of the cost of a regular raffle campaign. While high value raffles are a powerful way for mosdos to raise needed funds, oftentimes they are out of reach of most small to medium size mosdos due to the high cost of prizes, materials and administrative & legal fees. The Mega Raffle has solved this problem with the introduction of the shared-cost or Joint Raffle.

The Mega Raffle will join you with other similar Chabad Lubavitch organizations throughout the country who collectively share the costs of the raffle campaign. By spreading the cost among the participating mosdos, each organization can offer its contributors high value prizes at only a tiny fraction of the entire cost. Each nonprofit will retain the right to promote the raffle in its own way under its OWN name. By leveraging the resources of several mosdos, participants in shared-cost raffles can offer a much bigger prize than they could if they ran the same raffle on their own. Each participating organization keeps 100% of the profits from their individually run campaign.

All your campaign materials will be custom designed and printed for you and will include your organizations individual and personalized information. Your organization will be able to offer an extensive list of great prizes that will generate excitement and appeal to your donor base.

The Mega Raffle provides all the prizes, marketing materials and operational back office support, so you can concentrate all your effort on the important task of selling raffle tickets. Upon joining the Joint Raffle Campaign you can immediately sell tickets and generate revenue.

How do I get volunteers to help?

A separate raffle totaling $50,000 will be conducted for the raffle sellers. All the money in the world won't help anyone get into this raffle. The only way in is to sell tickets. This will motivate you and/or your volunteers to sell tickets to help you and maybe win BIG!